Article Writing

Article Writing: Your name goes here. And I can help.

Your byline on an informative, engaging article

What’s the difference between an article and a blog post? And why do you need to create both to maintain visibility and credibility?

Fair question, because they’re both content on a page or a screen, SEO-optimized for search engines and engagement. So, yes, the line between articles and blogs can be hazy.

But the difference is enormous, and it’s one of the reasons why people hire me to write, ghostwrite and edit their articles (as well as their blog posts, by the way).

Articles appear in respected publications and follow editorial rules and guidelines

Unlike blogs, which anyone can publish through their company or personal website, articles are typically commissioned by or pitched to respected, recognized magazines and newspapers. Forbes. Fortune. The Philadelphia Inquirer. The New York Times. Or they might be trade publications like The Business Journal or AdWeek. Or even esteemed company publications or newsletters, such as the George Washington Hospital Magazine, or The 76ers Halftime Report.

What do all of these outlets have in common? They maintain the highest standards, adhering to Associated Press or Chicago Manual of Style rules for grammar, punctuation, and readability. And they punish plagiarism (as does Google).

In other words, editors demand well-written, informative, original articles. And I would know. Articles I’ve written and ghostwritten for clients have been published by all of these publications and more. And yours can, too.

Types of articles I can write for you

Your article could be:
  • A subject-matter-expert (SME) piece on a relevant topic
 • A white paper appearing as an article
 • An Op-Ed
 • A letter to the editor
 • A press release that interests a magazine in writing  about you or your business

 • A trend or culture observation about your industry

Writing, editing, or script doctoring on your behalf
Whether you need an article written from scratch, or edited to eliminate typos and grammar goofs, or punched up so that your writing reads with a lighter touch, I am your guy. Here’s the range of work and reworking I do every day for all types of businesses and people.

Original article writing

Toss me a list of bullet points, along with a few references to research. Then sit back and await your first draft, delivered in a few days depending on the length of the article. 

I’ll write from top to bottom. Then, you review it and return it to me with your suggestions. I then incorporate them and return the work to you for a last round of revisions.

Then, we’re done.

Editing for errors, typos, grammar and clarity

When you need a second a pair of eyes (hint: everyone does), I’ll catch the missing words, the difference between there, their and they’re, and the grammatic and syntax blunders. I shine and polish your pieces so that they’re error-free and ready for prime time.

Rewriting and Script Doctoring

Many of my clients are fine writers. No, I’m not just air kissing them. They’re genuinely brilliant business people and solid wordsmiths. But they’re often too smart, and can’t see when they’ve written above the heads of their audience, or have drafted a piece that’s too technical for us non-nerds. So, they send me their work to maintain the essence of it, but to make it readable, clear and more entertaining.

Two brains are better than one, especially when it comes to making articles more engaging and SEO friendly.

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