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A few of the Brands and Businesses I’ve Worked With.

I’ve been fortunate. I’ve worked with so many great people at so many great companies. Mega brands you’ll recognize instantly, and small businesses and startups around the country you may not know. CPG. B2B. Technology services. TV shows. Small medical practices. Software innovators. I’ve written their website copy and blogs, conceived their ad campaigns, and edited books and white papers. I can go on, but my point is simple: Whatever your category, content or media — I’ve probably been there. A few times.

Ghostwriting, writing & editing: Books, white papers & presentations

With clients like Ebay, Gannett, and Duane Morris, management consultants Tish Squillaro and Tim Thomas had thriving businesses. But they realized they could translate their knowledge into another business. So, they hired me to co-author a book entitled “HeadTrash.” The content became fuel for blog posts, PR, their website, and webinars. Setting the stage for – you guessed it – the next HeadTrash book, and HeadTrash HR consulting. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one example of how we do content marketing.

"Alan and his team deliver. Our company uses Sharavsky Communications for a wide range of content development projects – promotional materials, brand consulting and public relations campaigns. "Whatever we’ve asked of them, they’ve met or exceeded our expectations. We work with them regularly, and I’m glad to recommend them to anyone who wants a smart team of nice people to work with."

Tish Squillaro

President and CEO, Candor Consulting, Co-author, "HeadTrash"

Scaled Agile, Inc. is an international training company that helps businesses incorporate lean and agile software engineering practices. They hired me to edit their most recent books to make them more readable and engaging. I’ve also edited numerous white papers and articles for their website. In other words, I’m the tech copy editor who makes their copy less tekkie and more human. 

"Alan has been a terrific resource for our Scaled Agile. He is an excellent, editor, writer and strategist. He's had a significant impact on our content marketing and publishing. We brought him for a project on short notice. He rapidly learned our business well enough to help us with books, white papers and articles—critical tools to simplify and express our unique messaging. He meets his deadlines, brings perspective, and is a pleasure to work with. Two thumbs up!"

Richard Knaster

SAFe Fellow and Principal Consultant at Scaled Agile, Co-author, "SAFE Distilled"

Website copy

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"My company needed an expert communicator to translate our philosophy and benefits into a strong presentation for an important meeting. We brought Alan in for the project on short notice. He learned our business, developed the content, simplified our messaging, and projected our unique selling proposition. He did that while beating a difficult deadline, and was professional at every step. I'm looking forward to working with him again."​

Rick Mirza, CEO/ President, Signature Capital

TV and video scripting and production

There's a case history behind each sample above. If you'd like to know more, and discuss your business, call or email me at 610-834-5499 or

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