Blog Writing

Power your blog with professional, engaging content

Trust me on this: You need a blog. A thoughtful, well-written, engaging blog. Or maybe what you really need is a professional blogger who can write one for you. Because blog content that informs and appeals to your target audience is proven prospect catnip.

A great blog is gold. Here’s why.
It’s hard to count all the positive things a good blog can do. Just for starters, great blogs…

    • Engage your prospects, connecting your business to your potential customers
    • Increase traffic to your website and social media
    • Make you an authority, a subject matter expert in your field, with useful content. And Google just loves authorities, and ranks them accordingly in their SERPs (Search Engine Page Results).
    • Generate leads, encouraging readers to become part of your email database
    • Build your brand by telling your story and sharing your business’s values and benefits



Great stuff, right?!? Whether you own a small business, are a senior executive, or considering a new position, blogs increase visibility, credibility and qualified leads. Good content is prospect catnip.

However, remember those stipulations we mentioned? The ones about thoughtful, well-written, engaging content? They’re not negotiable. Site visitors loathe crappy copy. Hack writing kills because it drives people away from your site and social media. And Google penalizes it with low SERPs.

Not everyone can sing, or write copy
Everyone likes to sing, especially with a beer in their hands. But if you’ve ever heard bad Karaoke then you know: Not everyone should sing. That’s also true for copywriting. The best writing often looks effortless because we pros make writing prose look easier than it is. Especially copy intended to drive web traffic.

Productive content is strategic content. It has a goal: Appeal to your target audience. Draw the target market to your website and social media, and thus, into your sales funnel. Do you really want to leave that to an amateur? Of course not. Let’s talk about how your blog can nudge prospects through the sales funnel with fresh, informative content that I write for you.

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