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 Busy? Blocked? Need an editor? Let’s talk.

Successful people often have the least time to write, or the desire to after 12-hour days. Some develop writer’s block. Others are prolific but could use a second pair of eyes. Or perhaps a rewriter to punch up their text. 

That’s where I enter the picture. My ghostwriting and editing experience includes:

  • • Co-authoring a successful business book series for two Fortune 500 consultants    
  • • Ghostwriting an ebook to launch a revolutionary fitness concept
  • • Ghost rewriting a business book about time management
  • • Editing a best-selling software development book
  • • Editing or writing hundreds of white papers, articles and blogs
  •  • Drafting dozens of  speeches and presentations

I’ve written, rewritten, edited or script-doctored thousands of texts — everything from books to columns for Fortune and Forbes. Interested? Ask me for a free sample edit.

Rewriting your work to strengthen it. Script-doctoring

So, you’ve already written something you like, but you don’t like it enough yet. You have this gnawing feeling that it could be more conversational or engaging, and would even add some humor if you knew how. Perhaps it has too much tech talk or business babble for the average person. In short, you’d like it to express the same information but be more engaging and SEO worthy. People hire me regularly add humanity and readability to everything from books to speeches. 

Interested? Ask me for a free sample rewrite. 



In this instance, my role as your editor is to maintain the copy as you wrote it. But I improve it by applying what I call invisible mending, preserving the original text but improving the readability, syntax, style and organization. In this instance, I edit for clarity and accuracy, not so much for style. I remove the typos, goofs, errors and punctuation problems. Also, I clean up confusing phrasing. 


This is exactly as it sounds. I act as your proofreader, and nothing more. In this instance, my role is to make sure your content is clean — free of typos, gaffes or punctuation snafus. I improve your work by doing some invisible mending.

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