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A writer & editor who makes B2B and tech copy readable

If you’re reading this and you think you need a technical writer, I’m your biggest fan. Seriously, I’m in awe of software designers, app builders, scientists, doctors, and researchers — anyone who can be called a technician, engineer or — no offense meant — a geek.

Why? Because you’re far smarter than I’ll ever be, in areas that fascinate me.

Which is ideal when you’re building and managing the sophisticated software, systems, or healthcare technology that keep our digital world humming or healthy. Not so good, however, when you’re trying to explain it to promote your company, even to the other brilliant people in your industry.

Complicated, dull content is the kiss of death for engagement. Even worse for lead conversion. No one ever said, “Confuse and bore me and I’ll buy whatever you’re selling.” That’s why you need someone like me.

B2B and technology copy everyone will understand 

No, I’m not a software builder. Or a computer technologist. Or a medical specialist or engineer. However, I speak all those languages and more. I’m a copywriter with 20-plus years of experience turning tech talk and B2B babble into conversational content. Information that connects with human beings across the spectrum of their business experience.

The B2B and CPG brands I’ve spoken for include:

    • Scaled Agile, Inc. (International software development training company)

    • Oracle

    • Johnson & Johnson

    • Bosch Power Tools

    • McNeil Labs

    • GSK

    • Lippincott Publishing

    • Wolters Kluwer

    • Dupont

    • Elsevier Pharmacology

    • USG Acoustics

    • Frontline Technologies

I’ve been a B2B and B2C content machine for big brands, small companies, start-ups and executives. I’ve written eBooks, edited technology textbooks, ghostwritten articles, revised white papers and scripted videos. That amounts thousands of projects under my belt. (Please don’t make me prove it!) And that includes crafting the branding and messaging strategies that helped many of the companies above launch new products.

To discuss a project, or schedule a free readability audit of your B2B content, click below.

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