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Why your website content needs a professional website copywriter. (Like me)

Jackpot! Bingo! Someone found your website. Okay, now what?

Well, do you know what need drove them to look for a business like yours? What keywords they may have tried to find you? What value you offer that attracted them and that you now need to talk up?

Do you know where they are in their customer journey? Or which CTA’s (calls to action) will now guide them through your website to an engagement that becomes a purchase?

I do, because I’m a professional copywriter who’s been creating content since the day the internet became a thing, and long before. If you want to skip to the punchline and schedule a free content audit of your website, and conversation with me, click below. Otherwise, read on.

An experienced copywriter who writes for your website, your prospects and Google

Yes, that’s me to the left. And the reason you want to hire me — as dozens of national brands, startups and senior executives have — is that my skills extend beyond smart copy. For example, I know how to research and use keywords. And where to place them to charm Google. I understand how to build brands and generate leads, because I’m fluent in direct response, CPG, B2B and B2C copy. 

For example, my work may have persuaded you to buy an NBA season ticket. Or cause your doctor to prescribe Tylenol. It may have convinced you to call 877-Cash-Now to talk to a J.G. Wentworth representative. Or encourage you to visit to one of the colleges that hire me. You see, in addition to turning marketing strategy into purchasing poetry, I understand what makes website copy tick, such as:

  •     • The power of subheads, from H1 through H6 (if necessary)
  •     • The use of whitespace
  •     • How bullet points work best
  •     • How to write effective meta tags
  •     • Building customer profiles to guide my work
  •     • Ideal copy keywords and placement for SEO 

For a free content audit of your website, and a no-obligation conversation, click below.

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